Mobile welding fume extraction units.

With cleanable filter cartridge

Our priority is human health and environment!

Our company shareholders serves in the field of welding and cutting equipment since 1995 in Ankara-TURKEY.
Taking into consideration the sectoral demands, in 2009 the company started importing smoke and dust extraction units. In 2014, sectoral knowledge and experience were focused on the production of
AVEVO branded units.

Also we are sole distributor of Esta Absaugtechnik , Purex  and Stealth  in Turkish Republic.


With a constantly growing staff, ESTA Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading companies in extraction technology. From headquarters in Senden and Ulm, Germany, for more than 45 years, we have offered a broad spectrum of innovative products and custom solutions for a wide range of sectors, industries and applications. The product range includes mobile and stationary dust extractors, industrial vacuum cleaners, welding fume filters, oil mist separators, extraction fans, extraction arms, and central extraction systems. A comprehensive array of extraction technology accessories rounds out the product portfolio. Because clean air at work is not just an official requirement, but protects the health of employees, demonstrably increasing their productivity.


Purex have over 30 years of supplying fume extraction solutions unlike any other in the industry. A world expert in its field, Purex is renowned for the quality and reliability of its technology and unrivalled customer support. Purex are ideally located to service the world wide fume extraction market. 


Our Avevo branded products have been accepted and welcomed by hundreds of businesses with quality and consistent price policy in the past.

Our primary goal is to continually improve our products, finalize the work we have done on the new models and continue our services with a much wider product tree as soon as possible.

In order to be able to open to foreign markets, the necessary tests and certifications have been made and are being carried out in order to bring out products conforming to all international standards.

Our aim is to make the AVEVO a brand known in international markets.

All we need for this purpose is your support and trust.

Company profile

We constantly follow the latest technology in the design and production phases. Our experienced engineers and technicians perform checks at every stage of production and in accordance with the standards before shipment. We continue our production activities with technological equipments such as CNC laser cutting machine, welding robots.

Our R & D efforts for new product development and our P & D work continuously to develop our current products.

We are trying to provide the fastest service to you with our head office in Ankara and our warehouse.

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Avevo welding fume extraction systems
Avevo MSU Dynamic mobil duman emiş ünitesi

Avevo MSU Dynamic welding fume extractor

Innovative Design

Dynamic ™, the newest member of the Avevo MSU family, stands out with its innovative and ergonomic design.

Optionally, 360 degree rotating acrobat suction arms with internal or external mechanism provide high suction performance.


Innovative Power 

Msu Dynamic ™ gets its power from EC motor and composite fan compatibility.


This set creates high efficiency and high performance and saves high energy consumption.

Avevo MSU Dynamic çapak önleyici

Safe Design

MSU Dynamic ™ is equipped with washable anti-spark mesh filters positioned under the suction arm.

Extending the life of the cartridge filters by keeping coarse particles, this pre-filter system also minimizes the risk of fire by preventing hot parts from reaching the cartridge.

Avevo MSU Dynamic digital kontrol paneli

Innovative Control Panel

MSU Dynamic ™ has an electronic control panel as optional with a 5" touch screen.

The software developed by Avevo engineers has made the machine more efficient, more ergonomic and more economical.

Avevo MSU Dynamic kapak güvenlik anahtarı

Our priority is human health

The new MSU Dynamic ™ is equipped with safety switches on the fan section door and filter section door.

If these doors are opened while the machine is running, the machine will automatically shut down. The machine will not operate until these covers are properly closed again.

Avevo MSU Dynamic klasik kontrol paneli

Classic Control Unit

MSU Dynamic ™ comes as standard with the classic control panel.

This control panel has on / off button, fan speed adjustment button, filter clogging warning (audible and visual), faultwarning lamp.

Avevo MSU Dynamic kartuş filtre

High Filtering Rate

Our cleanable cartridge filters guarantee more than 99% filtration.


Our long-life filters provide a noticeable reduction in operating costs when properly maintained.

Avevo MSU Dynamic filtre temizleme

Easy Filter Cleaning

MSU Dynamic ™ has a design proprietary rotary type filter cleaning equipment, which is designed and manufactured by our company as standard.

When the machine gives the filter full warning, all the user has to do is connect the compressed air hose. It's that easy.

Required air values and cleaning time are available on the warning label on the machine and in the user manual.


Optionally, a fully automatic jet pulse filter cleaning system is also available.

Avevo MSU Dynamic aktif karbon filtre

Nuisance Odours

Activated carbon filter is available in all MSU Dynamic ™ unit as standard.

The activated carbon cell, which has a special design, prevents nuisance odours, reduces the noise level to a level much lower than its competitors and helps the air speed to be very low in the fresh air outlet.

Avevo MSU Dynamic toz tepsisi

Easy Dust Removal

The dust collection drawer has an easy-to-open rail system.

Dust spilled during filter cleaning can be easily removed by an industrial broom by opening the drawer.


If desired, the dust accumulated in the dust collection box specially produced for this drawer can be easily removed by closing the lid of the box.

MSU 100 eco

Features of Avevo MSU 100 eco;

  • Cleanable nanofiber cartridge filter (14,5 m2)

  • Filter cleaning by the airgun on the machine

  • Motor protection

  • 1,1 kW 220 V/50Hz motor

  • Suction performance is min.1100, max. 1600 m3/hour according to arm position

  • Drawer dust collection

  • Warning labels

  • Sound insulation

  • Special pre-separator against to coarse particles

  • H:1050 mm W: 600 mm L: 700 mm

Avevo MSU100

MSU 300

Features of Avevo MSU 300 ;

  • Cleanable nanofiber cartridge filter (14,5 m2)

  • Filter alarm

  • Filter cleaning by the airgun on the machine

  • Working hour counter

  • Motor protection

  • Failure signal

  • 1,1 kW 220 V/50Hz motor

  • Suction performance is min.1100, max. 1600 m3/hour according to arm position 

  • Patent pending dust collection system

  • Warning labels

  • Sound insulation

  • Special pre-separator against to coarse particles

  • H:1200 mm W: 700 mm L: 780 mm

Avevo MSU 300

MSU 350

  • Features of Avevo MSU 350 ;

  • Cleanable nanofiber cartridge filter (29 m2)

  • Filter alarm

  • Filter cleaning by the airgun on the machine

  • Working hour counter

  • Motor protection

  • Phase sequence protector

  • Failure signal

  • 2,2 kW 3800 V/50Hz motor

  • Suction performance is min.1100, max. 1600 m3/hour according to arm position 

  • Patent pending dust collection system

  • Warning labels

  • Sound insulation

  • Special pre-separator against to coarse particles

  • H:1310 mm W: 700 mm L: 780 mm

Avevo MSU 350

For MSU100, MSU300, MSU350

Crushing plate for spark seperation

This plate serves as a spark pre-separation
system and separate coarse particles.


For MSU300, MSU350

Patent pending dust collection system

All particules and dusts accumulate in special dust box during the filter cleaning. Connection closed between dust box and filter area while unit working and it prevents dust from sticking to the filter surface again.  

When emptying the dust box, it damages human health to the lowest level.

For MSU300, MSU350

User friendly control unit

There are all necessary equipments on the front panel. 

It is located on a recess on the body to protect it from all impacts.

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